Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cookies & Canvas

For my January school-age program, I brainstormed a bit and decided to launch a new program at the library that, if successful, I would like to be a recurring program. At this point I have the next Cookies & Canvas program scheduled for Saturday, March 21st, and it is already full (20 students) with a waiting list, so that is great news! My first Cookies & Canvas program was held on Saturday, January 11th, and was a great success with 100% attendance! I decided that I would bake chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies (the kids did NOT care for the snickerdoodles though, so I think I will stick with chocolate chip only next time!) and the children would eat their cookies while I talked about the artist for the first 10 minutes of the 45 minute program. I had painting paper mounted onto construction paper, and on the back I had a handout about the artist. After the cookies, the children had 35 minutes to re-create the painting with their own colors, style, etc., while we listened to some light classical music.

For January's Cookies & Canvas I chose famous Russian visual artist and the father of abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky. We talked about Kandinsky's transition from traditional landscape painting into abstract paintings and how many attribute him to painting the first abstract paintings of modern art. I chose to have the children re-create his famous painting "Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles" because it fit into the skill level of my grade range (K-3rd) and allowed for some lesson on technique, brush strokes and color mixing.

Overall the program was very successful and I am already excited about the next Cookies & Canvas! January's program was featured in the Cleveland News Herald Neighborhood News section, with pictures of some of my amazing students.

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