Saturday, February 8, 2014

Elephant & Piggie Party!

On Saturday, Februray 8th, I hosted an Elephant & Piggie party celebrating Mo Willems' beloved characters Gerald and Piggie.  Registration was full with a waiting list, so I expected good attendance and I got it! 19 kids partied it up piggie-style with me in the Story Room and we had a blast. I did have an issue with behavioral problems with one child, but there always seems to be that one kid trying to rain on the parade. Overall, we had a fantastic time and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
The Plan:
The program was 45 minutes long, so I had a lot planned. We started off reading:
Next, we all decided who our favorite character was and then chose a blue party hat for Gerald or a red party hat for Piggie (I also had silver for the kids who couldn't pick a favorite!). This came in handy later for teams as I divded all the Gerald fans into one team and the Piggie fans and undecided fans into another team and I had two nearly even teams. For our first game we did a relay race based on the book:
Each team had a nest that I made from a paper bag with a shakey egg inside of it. The first person in line had to balance the nest and egg on her head, walk to the end of the room and then back without the next falling off. I gave kids 3 tries and if they still couldn't make it, we went to the next person in line. Gerald's team won!
Next we stayed in our teams and each team chose a member to get "elephanted" or "piggified." I handed out a roll of blue crepe paper to Gerald's team and pink crepe paper to Piggie's team and they raced to mummify their volunteer the fastest. Piggie's team won!
Then we moved on to our craft. We made a reversible Piggie and Gerald puppet. One side was Piggie and the other side was Gerald.

After our craft, we played a book cover matching game up on the flannel board. I made a set of cards with velcro on each sides and the kids took turns trying to make matches. I used 10 different Elephant & Piggie book covers so we had 20 cards.
Finally, last but not least, cupcakes! I made little toppers for each cupcake that turned out pretty cute :-)
And we sang Happy Pig Day! before we ate our cupcakes! Overall the program was a great success! I hoarded all of our Mo Willems books the week before the program and put them out on display and every book got checked out--always a sign of a successful author program.


  1. These are fantastic ideas. At my school, in the next few weeks, we are having a week long reading celebration and in my first grade class we are focusing on the Elephant and Piggie series. I have great activities planned that are aligned with the CCSS and from the Mo Willems web site. Thank you for sharing because your ideas are the last piece of the puzzle I needed to make our week complete! Congrats on making it a success with such a large turn out. My kids are going to love these games.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Elephant & Piggie celebration! Thanks so much for checking out my blog!