Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tropical Vacation Storytime

This week in storytime, we took a tropical vacation! I had really high hopes for this storytime: it's the middle of the session and typically attendence is good. But the weather and low temperatures made for an abyssmal week attendance-wise. For the first time ever I had ZERO people show up for my Wednesday morning 10 AM storytime, and I usually have around 30 attend. But the roads were terrible, and I can understand not wanting to go out in bad weather!
We had fun regardless (even if I do have a ton of leftover crafts!), and it was fun to do a non-traditional storytime theme, especially in the dead of winter! We talked a lot about going on vacation, riding on airplanes, going to the beach, etc. This week's books that we read were:
For my extension activities I did a "5 Little Seashells" story tube (I don't know why these pictures are turned sideways, they aren't on my computer and I can't seem to be able to flip them in blogspot, sorry!). For my story tubes I always have 5 little somethings, and then count down and flip the card as they go away. We also did a big wave motion with our arm to wash the seashells away.

“5 Little Seashells”
Five little seashells washed up on the shore. Along came a wave and then there were four.
Four little seashells as happy as can be. Along came a wave and then there were three.
Three little seashells all shiny and new. Along came a wave and then there were two.
Two little seashells lying in the sun. Along came a wave and then there was one.
One little seashell left all alone, put it in your pocket and take it home!
I also did this flannel board:
“5 Little Ice Cream Cones” (sing to 5 Little Ducks)
5 little ice cream cones standing in a row. (hold out 5 fingers)
Each with sprinkles & a waffle cone. (Make a cone with one hand and a fist for the scoop with the other)
Out came the sun and it shone all day, (make a circle with your arms to be the sun)
and one little ice cream cone melted away. (melt to the ground!)

Additional songs/action rhymes/fingerplays included:
Dancing to The Wiggles “Wake Up Jeff” #5 Having Fun at the Beach and doing the actions along with the song.
Action Rhyme: “Airplane”
The airplane has great big wings (arms outstretched like wings)
It’s propeller spins around and sings, “Vvvvvvvv!” (make one arm spin in front like a propeller)
The airplane goes up, (make arms go up)
the airplane goes down, (make arms go down)
the airplane flies high all over the town! (pretend to fly and spin around in a circle)

Action Rhyme:  Swimming
Swimming in the water cool and bright (pretend to swim)
I kick my feet with all my might! (kick feet)
And when I’m tired I turn and float (spin and hold arms out)
Pretending that I’m a boat! (rock hands)
I like to hold my breath and dive (take a breath and bend down)
I swim beneath the water and count to five (count to five) Wow! What a dive!

This week's craft was a fun and colorful lei necklace made with flowers from the Ellison die machine and large green paper "beads" that I made with construction paper so they would be easy to string on with little fingers.

 All in all a fun storytime, but I must admit I am looking forward to Valentine's Day next week and hopefully some better attendance! It is always more fun with an actual group!


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