Monday, April 21, 2014

Revamping the LEGO Club

Since I started as a Children's Assistant over a year ago, I have tried several times to get our library's LEGO Club to be a successful program, and each time has been a pretty big fail.  We have a TON of LEGOs that were donated by patrons before I started working here, but we've never had a successful LEGO Club program.  I've tried Saturday morning drop-in programs and pre-registration LEGO party programs with little turn-out.  So I decided to give this LEGO Club a little revamping by making some tweaks:

1) I moved the time from Saturday morning to Saturday afternoon
2) I made it a drop-in program from 2PM- 3PM, no registration required.
3) I removed any age restrictions and just asked parents to stay with children under 5 years of age
4) I centered the LEGO club around a building theme. For April I chose Robots!  Each participant built a robot, then put it on the table and filled out a name card to put next to it on display.
5) I advertised on the library's FB page a LOT (as in, people were probably sick of hearing about it, lol)

The results?  AWESOME!  I had 51 people (adults and children) attend last Saturday's LEGO Club and so many people asked me when the next one would be, told me how much fun they had, and most wonderfully CHECKED OUT BOOKS!  I made sure to have plenty of LEGO books out on display in the Story Room for people to check out when they left.

I will definitely be continuing this format for the LEGO Club during our Summer Reading Program and beyond into the fall.  A patron suggested "space" as a theme to tie into Fizz, Boom, Read! and I think that is a fantastic idea!  Here are some of the awesome creations.


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