Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book Bingo!

When planning my school-age Saturday programming for the spring session, I tried to do a few programs that required more planning and effort on my part (Cookies & Canvas, Mom & Me at the Library), and then a few that were more passive and took little time and zero money (LEGO Club!).  Book Bingo fell into the latter category, but it ended up being a really fun program that I will likely do again!

The premise was really simple.  I designed a blank 5x5 (25 squares total) bingo board and copied 30 popular children's picture and chapter book covers from the internet.  Each child got a blank bingo sheet, a copy of the book covers, scissors, a glue stick and markers.  They cut out the book covers and customized their bingo boards in the order they liked and then decorated the margins with markers.  We also listened to KidzBop while everyone worked!

The program lasted 45 minutes.  Since there was a fair amount of cutting and gluing, that actually took everyone about 25 minutes, which left 20 minutes for bingo.  Personally, I thought that was the perfect amount of time.  It allowed for several kids to get bingo (we played traditional bingo and 4 squares), but wasn't long enough for everyone to get bored and fidgety.  I let everyone pick a small prize from the prize box on the way out the door regardless.  Everyone was happy and it was a lot of fun!  I was a bit wary because I had a couple of kids register who are usually sort of naysayers, but everyone was in a great mood today!  (as always, remember to obtain those important signed photo release forms from parents!)


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